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About the Chef


Portrait by Pauline Stevens Photography. 
The Jenny's with Gorda and Cuca. 

Welcome to The Pastry Zone.


My pastry journey began as an undergrad Art Restoration student in Mexico City. Art has always played a leading role in my life and restoration put me face to face with some of the most magnificent art pieces in the world, but life took me on a different path.

To find more about my heritage, I moved to London and it didn't take long for me to rediscover my passion for food and flavors. Suddenly my life was surrounded by new cultures, art masterpieces, and exciting flavors, very different from the already exquisite rich taste of Mexico City. And just like that, in a serendipitous moment, I found out my new passion, cooking!

 Being a Pastry Chef who graduated with honors from the Cordon Bleu, helped me confirm I had found my calling in life. I enjoy every minute I am in a kitchen, it is my favorite space on Earth. Time flies when I am working!


For years I have been making cakes and pastries, and have learned to love details. This is something I can trace back to my early years as an Art Restorator. Being open enough to stay up to date with the trends as well as embracing the classics is one of the biggest lessons art has taught me.  I love working on multiple techniques and exploring new materials. All of my cakes are made from scratch and all the flowers are handmade by me. 

I do research for every order, this way I can offer my clients the unique product they deserve. However, I understand it is not all about the presentation. I take equal care for both tastes and looks because it is so disappointing to have a beautiful cake tasting awful!

I look forward to working with you.

Jenefer Stevens. 

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